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Pretty Ass Icons

Icon and banner bases for RPG Player Bases

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PB icons for RPGs
Icon Makers Wanted!

Information Here!

What You Need To Know:
1 All icons are bases, and do not need to be credited.
2 If choosing to take a base and modify it, we ask that you please credit the community for the base.
3 The posts are open to the public, but we would love for you to join, so you can see anything new we post!
4 Our lowest amount of icons per post is 50 and can go as high as 300+. These posts are not dial up friendly.
5 No Hotlinking, please! We want to have these images available for everyone to enjoy when they want, and if you hotlink that won't be able to happen.
6 Please be mindful that some posts are NSFW, but these will say so in the title.
7 Please be polite!
8 Please comment. We'd love to hear from you!
8 Requests and Suggestion pages open soon.
9 Enjoy!